Tinder and Lightning

It’s no secret that I’ve experienced my fair share of online dating. I’ve been divulging about my experiences with Tinder on social media and to my friends and family since the day I started using it. In today’s technology-driven society I feel like it would be weirder to find someone who’s never dabbled in the online dating world. For a while I even had an entire folder on my phone dedicated to online dating apps. Tinder, POF, Bumble, The Grade, the list goes on.

Last week I deleted the entire folder.w2ZlpSd6
Groundbreaking, right?

Up until last week, it’d been over a year since I started my online dating journey. I realized I was completely dependent on these apps for entertainment, social interaction, and positive reinforcement. When I was bored, lonely, or feeling bad about myself I’d start swiping and eventually I’d get the satisfaction I wanted. It wasn’t until recently that I realized depending on complete strangers for happiness is extremely unhealthy.

Not only that, but online dating is kind of unrealistic. It’s not in my nature to go up to a guy I find attractive in person. It’s just not something I’ve ever been comfortable doing. But for some reason I’m a lot more confident when all I have to do is type out a message and send it. There’s been so many times when I’ve made the first move on an online dating app and haven’t thought twice about it.

When you’re walking around in a wgtrpublic place, your main goal isn’t necessarily to “mate.” When you’re online dating, that’s exactly the intention. You find and talk to people you would’ve never crossed paths with otherwise and specifically meet up with them to see whether you’re a good match or not. With online dating we have more options than we know what to do with. Being able to sift through people like you choose produce at the grocery store is not realistic. I noticed that being able to talk to any guy I wanted and have hundreds of matches on Tinder gave me an ego and a false sense of security. Some guys I’ve talked to on Tinder would never give me the time of day if their first impression of me was in person rather than online.

With all of that said, I have met some awesome people using these dating apps that I still talk to. The outcomes of my online dating experiences have not all been negative and I actually walked away with some benefits.

But for now, I think I’m done with the online dating world.

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S, M, L

Three letters. That’s all they are. But somehow when we arrange them in this order, there’s a universal understanding of what they mean.

Small, Medium, Large.

The most basic adjectives one can use to describe the size of literally anything. Small dog, medium rock, large banana. But for me personally, “S, M, L” refers to clothing size. You know, the only three sizes Forever21 carried before the090831-SmallMediumLarge-4651y added plus sizes?

I was sitting in class the other day when I had a realization, sparked by being able to see the girl in front of me’s tag sticking out of her shirt. (One of my biggest fears by the way, but we’ll talk about that another time.)

I realized that for so long, we lived in a society where the only three sizes for clothing were small, medium, and large. And even now that the majority of clothing retailers have added sizes XXS, XS, XL, XXL and so on, there are still some companies (typically women’s clothing brands) who have stuck to the “three-size rule.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy that I, as a plus size woman, have the luxury to shop at so many more stores than I did even five years ago. The progress that women’s clothing companies have made in recent years is incredible and I’m glad to have been able to see it transform. But in my opinion, this should have never been an issue in the first place. In what world are there only three different sizes of people?

Yes, there are several peopldogze who can “fit” into a small, who can “fit” into a medium, and who can “fit” into a large. I put “fit” in quotes because a size small will not fit every small person, a size medium will not fit every “medium-sized” person and a size large will not fit every “large” person.

One of the greatest things about being people is that we’re all different. Different shapes, sizes, colors, and so on. You could be the same height and weight as your friend Barbara and still not wear the same sizes. We have different body shapes, carry our weight differently, and not to mention our preferences in the way our clothes fit us. My body could fit perfectly in one size and I could still prefer to wear something bigger or smaller. When there are only three sizes to choose from, that’s a little harder to do.

I guess my point here is more of a challenge to clothing companies who have refused to add sizes beyond the standard “S, M, L” because unless you’re part of a nudist colony, (no judgment here) clothes are something we all need. Open your minds and forget about the money for a second. It’s simple: we all just want clothes that fit us.

Small, medium, and large? More like “three sizes fit all.”

**Photos and graphics are not mine. Credit goes to: www.mickstevens.com and www.shakesville.com.**